Celebrating December 2023 Seniors

The Einhorn Center team is excited to recognize seniors from our programs who are graduating in December 2023. Thank you helping to build a culture of community engagement at Cornell! Congratulations!



Evan Hammer ’23
Evan Hammer ’23

Translator-Interpreter Program (TIP)

Major: Economics

Minor: Business

“In TIP, I have made many good friends and enjoyed working with everyone on the board. Additionally, working with TIP has facilitated personal growth in many ways, unveiling inequities that people face daily and allowing me to engage with individuals who come from many different backgrounds.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to give back to the community and help those facing language inequity and discrimination.”

Ju Hee Kim ’23
Ju Hee Kim ’23

Cornell Elderly Partnership

Major: Human Biology, Health, and Society

Minor: Human Development

“The Cornell Elderly Partnership (or Elderly Partnership at Cornell) enabled me to develop on various levels, from professional to personal. I learned how to collaborate with local agencies, university staff, other students within and outside the club, and elders at Beechtree [Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing].

“While there were stressful times when things did not go as planned, the amount of energy I received from the CEP was overwhelming. The moments I spent working for and with the CEP will remain one of the most unforgettable experiences.”

Grace Maines ’23
Grace Maines ’23


Prisoner Express through the Community Work Study Program (CWSP)

Major: Global and Public Health Sciences

 “I am eternally grateful for my time working at Prisoner Express. It has played a pivotal role in my Cornell experience since freshman year. The program has transformed my understanding of the world, U.S. incarceration systems, and most importantly, the power of community.

“Gary (the founder of Prisoner Express), my co-workers, the volunteers I have worked with and the prisoners who are a part of the program have challenged me to be unwaveringly kind, creative and ambitious to make a positive impact in the world. The CWSP has provided me with the invaluable opportunity to learn from and contribute to communities beyond Cornell, and I will undoubtedly carry this experience with me in my future endeavors.”