Blog post: On the dynamics of kitchen utensils: Icebreakers, discussion and preparation!
By Madeline Lei ’23

What do chopsticks, air fryers, espresso machines, and a grill have in common? Great question — they are the chosen kitchen utensil personalities of the people I worked with this summer!

To give some context, I worked on the pilot of a public health project connecting Tompkins County health providers with student resource navigators. A resource navigator is a Cornell student who is responsible for making calls to refer patients to resources they may need, navigating Ithaca resource lists, and following up with said patients.

This past summer, I worked individually with my mentors to develop this project, including figuring out a new web platform for calls and analyzing referral data, as well as with a group of 5 pilot student navigators to discuss and refine the project for the school semester. The project is meant to reach the wider Cornell student population by next year.

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